Hi! I have spent many years sourcing clothes and gifts direct from all over Vietnam and I love the country and its people, so I thought you might like to have a look at some of my favourite sites for anyone interested in visiting or learning more about Vietnam...
Since so many customers have asked me, I also have a list of my own travel tips and favourite hotels and restaurants to try, please [a]click here|travel.php[/a].
Scroll down for links to other sites that I like.


An excellent site for visitors with a lot of general info. A Vietnamese acquaintance of mine in Hanoi used to complain that she didn't want to marry a Vietnamese man because of their "Confucian" attitudes – the Culture section in About Vietnam explains a little of what she meant (but she married one anyway). How to be Popular and Bartering under the Practicalities section are very useful too.

A really comprehensive travel site with a huge range of trips. If I hadn't already visited, I would definitely fancy the Mekong Speed Aventure under Small Group Travel, it's a short trip covering some beautiful locations. There's an interesting article on Vietnamese Tea under the Culture Guide as well.

The best description I've ever read of eating noodle soup in Hanoi, along with some interesting food history too. Written by journalist and food enthusiast Alex Renton, who used to work for Oxfam in Vietnam and Asia.

A brief description of the ao dai, national costume of Vietnam (still worn by women in hotels and offices).

A short piece about silkworm cultivation in Vietnam. It really is a cottage industry, and the Dalat area that this agronomist went to makes some of the finest silk in Vietnam.

Well worth a look for general cultural reference. The Philately section is my favourite as I love stamps.

Loads of interesting info and links about the Tet festival in Vietnam, similar to Christmas except with many more rituals and relevance to business. Part of a popular site on adoptive parenting.