The story began some 10 years ago with Kuddy's stall on Portobello Market. She sold her own silk clothing designs, plus hand-made imports from Vietnamese small producers. Demand soon exceeded her pitch, so she moved to a very pretty shop in northwest London. She took her loyal Notting Hill customers with her, while a new following for the boutique grew from the local community. The website is an opportunity to widen accessibility to Kuddyco's special charm and personal service.

The gorgeous gem-coloured silk and velvet collections are hand-dyed and hand-embroidered in Vietnam, as are the cotton children's clothes. The jewellery is hand-crafted by UK-based designers, and the gifts carefully selected to co-ordinate with the range.

Kuddy and her team are passionate about bringing the work of cottage-industry craftspeople in Vietnam to a broader audience. She is also committed to promoting individual, young UK designers, and is very proud of the fact that many of the items on this website are ethically sourced from small fair-trade suppliers and designers that you won't find on the high street.

If you are interested in Vietnam, check out the Links page where there's loads of extra info from Kuddy's sourcebook and travel notes for you to browse.